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Global E-Learning market to Reach $325 billion by 2025 from $107 Billion in 2015! (Forbes)

The online coaching business is surging right now. And experienced professionals are killing it! 
So a unique window of opportunity for experienced professionals has just opened! Are you in?

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Online coaching- professional switch

6 things experienced professionals need to give up, to start their own online coaching business

Have you ever thought of starting an online coaching business, but each time you keep coming up with an excuse to push it forward? Wake up and smell the coffee. Excuses – This is why you don’t have your own online coaching business today!

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When searching for a business coach, a  consultant, or a mentor, your goal should be to find the most highly qualified person. Someone who has a high level of expertise or solid years of experience behind him.
Mike is uniquely qualified for this role. He has “been there, and done all that”; he knows what has worked and what has not!

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Oshina Madu (2)

Madu Oshina, lagos

Mike’s course transformed me from an experienced employed professional, into running my own profitable business. Really happy with the end results. Huge thanks


Winifred Atawodi, abuja

You have to meet Mike. His quality assurance training helped my team to be customer-focused, and saw customers returning over and again!


Jim Imonde, porthacourt

I practiced some of Mike's ideas as a management staff in a foremost Nigerian bank, and now in running my own business - with enormous success!

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