7 things you can do, to make 2020 better than your 2019

Now that we’re a few days into the New Year, it’s time to long look ahead…
What will 2020 be for you and for me?

If you are like most peoples, your inbox is filled with good wishes and messages from colleagues, family members, and close friends: wishing you “as you log out of 2019, and log into 2020, may you double click promotion, success”; “2020 is your year”; among others.  From the pulpit, we hear “You will experience great turnaround in 2020”! And we answer, “Amen”!

Well, if you really want your 2020 to be better than your 2019, the time to start is now. Here are 7 things you can do in your 2020 planning:  

First, reflect on year 2019
What are the major themes, interests, or passions that kept recurring in your mind in the past year?
What tasks, projects, or events did you accomplish that you are proud of?
What major projects did you not accomplish?
What disappointments or regrets did you experience?
What major life lessons did you learn?
The answers to these questions will provide you a good sense of where you are. So you are in a good place to start a better 2020.

Set clear goals for year 2020
According to the ancient scripture, “The people perish for lack of goals and dreams”. This means, without goals, you are doomed to work forever for those who do! And guess what they have for you? Not much!
So don’t leave year 2020 to chance. Have clear goals about the things you really want to achieve this year, and divide these into quarterly goals or targets. This will give you a sense of direction, every quarter of the year, and indeed throughout the year. 

Write down your to-do list
Once you’re happy with your goals and quarterly targets for the year, next write down your to-do list. By this, you prepare weekly to-do lists; then further break theses into daily to-do lists, towards accomplishing daily and weekly results – and ultimately your goals for the year.
I have found that writing down to-do list helps to focus my thoughts and actions and habits on those things that are really important towards achieving my goals, while keeping me from being distracted by irrelevant pursuits. That’s why it is important you write down your to-do lists; such that your daily actions are aligned with your goals for the year.

People who succeed tend to have plans, and people who have plans tend to succeed. Every truly great thing that’s been achieved has come from a plan. That’s why we created the EPOC coaching course for experienced professional.
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Use of quiet time to adjust your daily actions
Everything seems urgent these days: between the house, your children, your career, your business, and other daily activities, there’s hardly enough time left in the day. One way to improve the quality of your daily actions is by setting aside a time each day, in quiet contemplation. This will allow you to reflect on what has happened during the day. So you are able cause some adjustments in your subsequent daily actions and habits, towards the direction of your goals for the year. 

Embrace continuous self improvement to improve your skills.
A mentor of mine, Mr. Akinsola Akinfemiwa once said to us years back, “read at least one book a month, to keep up the pace of learning, to refine your attitude and your personality”.
On average today, knowledge in every field is doubling every 2 years. To be even, you have to double your own knowledge base at least every 2 years! This means attending seminars, reading books, taking online courses – to improve your skills, refine your attitude, your reactions, your emotions, your personality. What about company’s training programmes, you may ask? But companies’ training programme provide you with just enough to achieve average performance. If you really want 2020 to be better than 2019, you have to find time to learn a bit more every day.

Accept responsibility to take control of your results.
Back in the days, I used to complain about unfair company practices, about inflation, among others. Then a mentor of mine, Dr. Adelola said to me, “Mike, it is not what happens to you that determine your future- what happens, happens to everyone – the difference is what you do”! 
Here’s what this means today: don’t wait for government “enabling environment” before you start your new project or business this year; remember, the difference is what you do! That’s accepting responsibility. It will allow you to take full control of your personality and productivity, leading to the results that you seek.

Become a believer.
Then believe in your plans, and the goals and targets you have set for the year. Because, we are what we believe, and the recognition of self worth is the beginning of progress. This provides the motivation, attitude and energy you need to keep faith with your goals. And you are able to promise yourself in advance: I’ll achieve my goals.

And lastly, every truly great thing that’s been achieved has come from a plan. That’s why we created the EPOC coaching course for experienced professionals: to help you turn your existing knowledge and business experience into an online curriculum, so get ahead. Learn more