We start off in life and say, “hey, I am going to be really productive, and make decent income, so I can enjoy life with my family well into retirement”

Recently, I got together with a few professionals, and we reviewed how we have fared on this goal generally.
…and that’s when I noticed something startling… 

  • At mid careers, many such processionals with a track record of performance, later become “stuck”, overwhelmed, frustrated and feel like giving up!
  • These are usually above average professionals who already feel confident that they have everything under their control. 

So, the constant struggle for change leaves many professionals frustrated, overwhelmed, and many beginning to doubt their own ability to do something great with their life.

How do you build a true productive habits that works for you—not against you, in your quest to upgrade your productivity, make decent income and enjoy life, while making the sort of your mark in the marketplace you have always desired?

A Quick Story

AOkay, let’s talk about me…
Years back. From a Sapele small town boy, I joined corporate Nigeria as a banking officer in Lagos. For 7 years I remained on the same banking officer’s grade, virtually stagnated. In frustration, I resorted to heavy drinking and late nights. On top of that, I was involved in an automobile accident, which left me bedridden in the hospital for several months.
One day, in a moment of reflection, I said to myself, if I recover from this, I can’t live like this anymore… remaining as banking officer for 7 years and counting?

From a banking officer to a bank executive in 7 short years

Then in the second 7 years, I worked my way from a banking officer to a bank executive. 
Yes, you heard me right – I moved from a banking officer to a bank executive in 7 short years in the competitive field of banking! From the first 7 years to the second 7 years – same time period, but different productivity levels and results. It was amazing.

But what I’m most proud of is this:

As group head, I set up service quality assurance programmes in a number of banks in Nigeria, we moved two banks several steps up into the KPMG top 10 chart. We grew the banks’ business by getting the system to be more responsive to customer requirements, with widespread recognition.
(Or in other words, I work hard).
But don’t take my word on that though. See testimonials on my website right here.  
So I got ahead in the marketplace.
Unfortunately, I can tell you this:

The fact that I work hard isn’t why I got ahead

The REAL reason why I got ahead in the marketplace was because I met two extraordinary men (Dr. Rotimi Adelola and Mr. Akinfemiwa Akinsola – my mentors). They coached and taught me a few new habits, which marked a turning point in my life. While I worked hard on my job, I worked harder on building my true productive habits.
Remember this line, “If you work hard on your job, you can make a living; if you work harder on your productive habits, you can make a profit”.

And that’s why professionals who just work hard on their jobs often struggle. They’ve paid the entry fee, but they get “stuck”, and don’t know what to do once they get into the fray.
The goodnews is that Productive habits is a skill, it can be learned by anyone, it can be learned by you. But more on that later

Now here’s the best part:

Yes, I helped to grow my banks’ business, by setting up service quality assurance systems.
Yes, I received widespread recognition… and moved rapidly up the corporate ladder.
But productive habits have more benefits that are of strategic advantage to you:

  • #1: You remain clear about your goals and dreams, so your decisions and actions are aligned with that vision. I remember Dr. Rotimi Adelola once said to me, “Mike, it is not what happens to you that determine your future; it is what you do”. 
  • #2: You stay motivated, and eventually become the person that you really want to be. Years back, after my presentation at Skye bank, Mr. Akinsola Akinfemiwa asked me “have you ever thought of using your gift as a coach and public speaker?” I said, “No sir”. He said “Use it, because gift not used is lost”.  So, AA challenged me…

Oh, and if you’re curious, that’s me doing my thing at an ICAN seminar in Calabar.

  • #3:  you make a decent income and enjoy life while you make your mark in the marketplace.  That’s right! A few new productive habits I learnt from my mentors marked a turning point in my life. Because of this, I was process director at Skye bank, member executive management committee at Oceanic bank (now Ecobank), member executive management committee at the bank of industry, member general management committee at union bank, among others

I am still amazed…

The big question is how do you build your true productive habits that works for you—not against you, in your quest to upgrade your productivity, make a decent income and enjoy life – while making your mark in the marketplace- as you have always dreamed about?

(It doesn’t matter whether you are an employed corporate professional, a pre-retirement professional looking to a new phase of life as a business owner, or a professional running your own business)

That’s why I’ll be running a series on productive habits over the next couple of weeks.
(This is where you’ll get strategies and practical tips you can implement in your work and business for immediate results).
And much more.

By this, I hope to empower thousands of people to get started on building their true productive habits, so that they can create brand new possibilities for themselves and live a productive and fulfilled life that they deserve.
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Also, know this:
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