A Window of opportunity for experienced professionals

With evolving shifts in managements in corporate Nigeria, a growing pool of experienced professionals are now suddenly over-qualified for their positions. “Over-qualified” meaning “too old”, as companies look to hire younger talents at lower salary levels!
That’s why many experienced pros being laid off today in their late 40s and early 50s – too young to retire and too old to find a commensurate job – now  resort to cold calls to former employers for part time placements to eke a living…
Now, the days of cold calls are over! 
A unique window of opportunity in the Online School business, for experienced professionals has just opened. And I am going to show you how to get a piece of it.

**Go From An Experienced Professional To An Online School Coach**


So, if there is ever a time for experienced pros to stop and to think, and to assess how to leverage their experiences to get ahead with the next phase of life; that time is now.

That’s why I created a FREE starter pack on how to start a profitable Online School business, to help experienced professionals (retired or on pre-retirement) who feel that they have so much more to contribute, who want to share their ideas and extensive business experiences online with learners, to impact lives and make a decent income – to break into the Online School business, the smart way.

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