Aging out of work? It is not about your age!

I read a recent report that said, many experienced and older professionals, despite being business savvy, do not understanding the new online business practices and thinking.

Interestingly, the report also said that such professionals can adapt to the new business practices and technologies rather quickly, than for younger talents to become business savvy, with people management skills – provided they are willing to learn and open to change.

That’s why aging out of work, is really not about your age; it is not about how old you are – it is about having an outdated mindset! Because businesses are evolving every day, as technologies impact society and consumer behaviour. 

So the new online business space is not a fad, but real. That’s why senior and experienced corporate professionals, who are adapting (leveraging their skills onto the new online business space) to the new online business practices, are experiencing continued growth through the second-phase of their lives as entrepreneurs. 

So, If there is ever a time we need to begin to stop and think and assess how you can leverage your skills and experience in the second chapter of your life – that time is now. That’s why I created a free online school Masterclass. It is for experienced professionals who are seeking to start their own business in the new era of online business practice, the smart way. If that is you, then you are in the right place.

The question is how do we transform our mindsets, so leverage our experience and skills onto the online business space the smart way? 

I am delighted to share with you a few tips:

  • First, understand that businesses and people who remain steadfast to traditional business practices are on an exponentially quickening timeline to extinction
  • Learn the social media strategies that young people now use to market and to run their business, and then adapt those lessons into your day-to-day work.
  • Question how things have always been done, and experiment with new ways of tackling problems, even when the old solutions work.
  • Be present online: The Internet is already making a first impression of you to your business partners, and potential customers. If you are not present online, you don’t exist in the new business world. It is not good. It is important you have an online location

This way, you would leverage your experience the smart way – so you would live a life filled with joy, purpose and fulfillment, as you have always wanted… To learn more about online business practices, and how to turn your experience into coaching online, go to