American TV Producer & Script Writer Shonda Rhimes, makes good money teaching TV Writing Online

With the way society has changed, experienced professionals are being laid off in their late 40s and early 50s, as companies look to hire younger people at lower salary levels…          
      …. Causing their life to zig when they want it to zag!
 So I have got some reflective questions for you:

  • What would you do if this were to happen to you?
  • Are you safe?

Go from an experienced professional to an Online School Coach

Gratifyingly, the online schools market is growing rapidly right now, and experienced professionals are having the advantage.

Here’s how. 

Shonda Lynn Rhimes, American experienced television producer, screenwriter, and author – best known as the show runner—creator, head writer, and executive producer—turned her skills into an online course.

And she gets paid for it.
She teaches “Television writing” online, and makes good money.

Shonda Rhimes

So, feel empowered going into the next phase of your career – because for many experienced pros, it is really not a matter of IF, it is WHEN! That’s why, if you are not working today to accomplish your dream, then you are liable to end up someplace else.

Now that you know, let me help you with one thing:
I have got a FREE Online School Training for you: “The 6-stage process on how to start a profitable online school business”. 

And it’s powerful…  but it’s for experienced professionals only… 

You can download the FREE Online School training 


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