Are you safe?

I used to work for this bank…

Following a change of management, the new management did not like me, and I did not like them. They paid me just enough to keep me from quitting, and I worked hard enough to keep from getting fired!  Then it got to a place where I said, “What am I becoming here?” They want to make me lose my mind?  

That seems the lot for many experienced professionals today, when a new management comes to the saddle.

At a time of growing change and uncertainty, at a time of frequent management changes especially in the banking sector, growing cases of business closures – many people go to work and don’t know whether they still have a job when they return – so, many are feeling anxious and fearful about their jobs, and about their future.

But you might say, “this is not the time to take a risk, or to start a new project; it’s not safe, what if you lose everything”? “Just look for a safe and secure job until things settle down”!

Now, let’s just say, fine: we keep you in a corner, we protect you, feed you , care for you -give you three square meals a day, with healthcare, we won’t let anything happen to you. And you will probably live to be 100. And you say- “yeh, I live to be 100”! 
But what a way to live, what a boring way to live? – Safe and secured in a corner!

Many people today are living boring lives -because they are trying to play it safe. They are going through life not to try to do anything big or major -because they are trying to play it safe. Most people are living far below their potentials – because they are trying to play it safe.

That’s why, in the words of Oliver Wendell Holms, “most people go to their graves with their music still in them”; without discovering their greatness.

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Are you safe?