Beating the odds

I listened to  conversation on 99.3 Fm in the afternoon belt,  yesterday:

The On Air Personality: “I read a report that 6 Nigerians enter extreme poverty every minute, and nobody is saying anything. Can you feel my pain”? 

A Caller: “I feel your pain, things are bleak right now”

I get it, things look pretty bleak…   

  • 6 people become extremely poor every minute in Nigeria (The Brooklyn Institute, 2018)
  • 4 out of every 10 people are either unemployment or unemployed (NBS, 3rd qtr 2017)
  • 8 out of every 10 people working today, by the time they retire, will be broke and dependent upon pensions and charities for the rest of their lives
  • The rate of heart attack goes up by 21% on Monday mornings. Why? Because many people are going to jobs that they hate!


The odds are stacked against us…

…but I believe we all have the opportunity to beat the odds

And while we must continue to fight for what’s right, the importance of striving to BEAT the odds, cannot be over-emphasized:

Now, in beating the odds, and accomplishing our dreams:

  • Will it be easy to run out there and do it? No.
  • Will it happen overnight? No.
  • Will it be a struggle? Yes.
  • Will there be times when you can’t make ends meet? Yes.
  • Will there be times when you won’t know what to do? Yes, that’s a part of it.

That’s why I founded MH B-School.  And we have created a number of resources to help experienced professionals and entrepreneurs learn how to get ahead with their life and business.

You may have seen my short motivational video about just that…

We created a FREE lecture series on how experienced professionals can leverage their experience and start a small business in the second chapter of your life the smart way. We have created a FREE Service Quality Assurance Work plan to help entrepreneurs attract repeat customers and grow their business. And you may also know that we’ve created a blueprint, to help people begin to build their true productive habits deliberately.

 And we will continue to do that.

Want to beat the odds with a profitable online school business?
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So, no matter how bleak the odds…

…we all have the opportunity to beat the odds

And I want to help you do it.

First, I have got a few questions for you…

Are you an experienced professional, and wants to turn your experience into a profitable online business?

Are you in the training business,  and thinking about growing your reach beyond “in-classroom” training and increase your brand awareness?

Are you an entrepreneur, and want to build your emerging workforce into an effective team, with joy of working for your organization and for your customers?

So, I’m really curious to hear about what you are currently working on and how you’re working on it. Send me your comment:

I know commenting is hard for many of us owing to time pressure… but sharing can help inspire us all to #beat the odds.

Do it now.

All My Regards,
Mike Hunder

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