A Window of opportunity for experienced professionals

With evolving shifts in managements in corporate Nigeria, a growing pool of experienced professionals are now suddenly over-qualified for their positions. “Over-qualified” meaning “too old”, as companies look to hire younger talents at lower salary levels! That’s why many experienced pros being laid off today in their late 40s and early 50s – too young …

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What are you becoming?

Special announcement! Gone are the days after graduation, you secure a job for life; that day is gone. There are no safe positions in life. If you think trying to do anything big is risky, wait till they give you the bill for not trying. If you think starting your own business is risky, wait till …

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Are you safe?

I used to work for this bank… Following a change of management, the new management did not like me, and I did not like them. They paid me just enough to keep me from quitting, and I worked hard enough to keep from getting fired!  Then it got to a place where I said, “What …

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Days Are Expensive 2

I am often surprised by a common mistake that most people make. .. Mistakenly we say,  “I will work twice as hard tomorrow to regain the time I have lost today” This is not correct; a day not used is lost; a day lost can never be found again! If we don’t take advantage of …

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Days Are Expensive 1

Just yesterday, we got a call from home. After the initial pleasantries, she breaks the news: my wife’s Big Aunt has passed! And I am reminded of the saying, “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late” Gratifyingly, Big Aunt lived a good and fulfilled life. …

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