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Your School Online!

Your Online School Built!

From an experienced professional to
an online school business owner in 100 days

- without being techy

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Every Experienced Professional Deserves to be Free…
not having to worry about money again…
Including YOU.


I have been there myself… and can help

That is why I created this Course, “Your school online built”,  to help other experienced and senior professionals turn their business ideas, skills and experience into a profitable online school  course, from scratch  to launch in 100 days– step by step.

So if you are serious about  impacting lives by sharing your experiences with learners online, about having more time with your family, and not having to worry about money again; while making your mark in the world – this programme is for you

Not holding anything back, we will work with you step-by-step to cover the following areas, and much more:

  • Pick your profitable idea
  • Find and grow your audience
  • Build your own business website
  • Create your online school
  • Create your first online course 
  • Launch your online school,  begin to impact lives and make a decent income – as you have always desired

Your Service
Quality Assurance Delivered
In 90 Days

For entrepreneurs

This is a 90- day online coaching program, where we work together to set up and implement a service quality assurance programme for your business. During the period, I will be by your corner to help you:

  • Develop your organization’s service vision, to set the tone for your staff to follow
  • Identify your key service indicators and define your service standards
  • Create your service quality operating model, including complaints management
  • Launch the solution, ensuring all employees are involved
  • Measure service standards and customer satisfaction – pre transaction, transaction and post transaction phases
  • Create a reward and consequence management system – celebrate achievers to ensure service standards are maintained as delivered.

As a result of this course, your organization will provide reliable and consistent service to all your customers – while you get more business and make more money

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Every experienced professional deserves to be free and to impact lives, not having to worry about money again… INCLUDING YOU

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