How to take advantage of the increasing digital switch to coach online

With less certainty in the economy, and jobs and people are looking for ways to get ahead…

…A key headline in GlobalWebIndex April 2020 report, says there is a big jump in digital activity –  more than 76% of internet users surveyed say they’ve been spending more time online in recent weeks compared to their pre-lockdown patterns. Also, the number of internet users around the world increased by more than 7%, since April 2019 – to reach 4.57 billion in April 2020.

So, the world is increasingly shifting digital, as a result of the coronavirus. And people are turning online to cope with life and work under lockdown, and are eager to learn what you know.

This is a unique window of opportunity for experienced professionals, amidst growing uncertainties in the jobs market today – especially now that companies are looking to replace highly paid experienced staff with younger talents at lower pay – as part of efforts to reduce business losses, occasioned by COVID-19.

But then, how do you take advantage of this digital switch?

Turning your knowledge into online courses

That’s why many people are making a living, creating – and selling – online courses on various topics today: “How to ditch your landlord”, “how to take better pictures of your newborn babies”, “How to raise goats”, and you name it. By the way, you heard that right – teaching how to raise goats online! And the exciting part is that people with all sorts of small and weird topics, are getting results, just like those with big online course topics.

Becoming Full time online course creators

But what is most exciting for me is that, many online course people have gone on to become full time online course creators, leaving behind their 9-5 jobs! This means protecting people against the uncertainties in their corporate jobs. And this also means, more experienced professionals can look to making the switch from 9-5 jobs into full-time online coaching, away from the growing vulnerabilities in their 9-5 jobs, and away from the “salary trap”. 

Demand for Experience Coaching online

One high-level shift we have seen is the increasing search for experience coaching. As the online coaching business gets bigger and bigger, coaching is moving from explanation to experience. So now, people are looking for coaches, not based on what explanations they may have, but on what experience they actually have – in order to achieve new patterns of actions.

This is a no-brainier for the experience professional, who already has the experience and the drive.

Freedom from the “salary trap”

 To be sure, as you share your expertise and ideas with learners online, you impact lives across national boundaries, and actually get to meet people from around the world; and it’s really rewarding . You make a comfortable living online, away from the vulnerabilities of 9-5 jobs, and being free from the salary trap.

Last line. We know that the market cannot take you out of business; it’s your inability to read the trends and to learn something knew that can do that to you! We also know that knowledge is power; but knowledge without action is nothing!  So, as corona virus continues to heat up – if you are worried about growing vulnerabilities in your 9-5 jobs, you can do something about it – it’s time to take advantage of the increasing digital switch to coach online.

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