EPOC Enrolment


Regular #495,000

One time payment

Payment Plan

  • 2  installments
  • At #260,000 monthly

What To Expect

  • A repeatable foolproof process to select your profitable course idea.
  • Crafting your course outline logically, to provide results for your your audience
  • You’ll see the step by step systems and tools to create your website, online school, course content, etc.
  • Step by step list-building plan to  actually grow your ideal clients
  • The structure, the problem, the solution, titles and the pricing model that will help you reach your financial goals – we bring all that for you
  • Your launch plan and how to do sales, so it works beautifully to bring in more and more clients. So make a comfortable living online
  • And much more

The question is not whether this programme is right for you.
It is how quickly you can start