... from Experienced Professional to your own Online Course business, step by step
- even if you've got zero techy skills!

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EPOC Online Course:
what it's all about...

It’s easy to create a stable base of recurring income when you know exactly what it takes to properly setup your own online coaching business, from scratch to launch, step by step.

And that’s what EPOC is all about- to take the pain and complication out of setting up your own online school and coaching business. You get the step by step systems, the tools, the techniques and the tactics to pull it off.
And it’s 100 days long.

But then, you learn at your own pace – you get continued support, and access to all the training, the templates, workbooks and downloads for one whole year!
So now, it’s almost “effortless” to start coaching online with confidence… 

what you'll get...

An All-in-one operating model

EPOC is the only programme at the moment that provides an All-In-One  operating model, to turn the knowledge you already have, into  a profitable online coaching business – from scratch to launch, step by step. It’s everything you need…

Getting smart with Selecting your profitable idea

You implement the crucial steps to “battle test” your course ideas, so that you know which catches the attention of your audience, and it’s profitable.

Tools to build a website.
And build yours!

You launch your business website, complete with your landing and sales pages. So that you establish your business presence online, and you get an unpaid marketing agent 24/7 

Locating your ideal clients

Your course won’t catch the attention of anyone if it speaks to everyone! In this module, you’ll create a profile of your ideal clients. And locate them

Creating your online Course

You leverage your experience to create an organized, step-by-step professional-level online course. So that you have a coaching course your’re proud of, that gets results for your clients

An inside look at an online school. And setup yours!

You discover tried-and-true methods to create your own online school that is clean, simple, and clear – without technical jargons or html codes, or anything like that!

launching your online coaching business

In this module, you get the 3-phased launch plan that is necessary to drive clients to your site, and get your business up and running… And you start making a comfortable living online

How to start your online coaching business:

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EPOC is not your average course

Most people offer "content" to help you create your online course.

With EPOC, you don’t merely get content or knowledge; you get your business website, you get your own online school, and the leverage of the experience you already have, to launch your profitable coaching business brand.

And that’s why, EPOC is so one-of-a-kind!
Can't wait to help you launch your own online coaching business…

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