6 excuses you should give up to start your first online business

Have you ever planned to start your online business, but each time you keep pushing it forward? And then blame it on something? Hey, wake up and smell the coffee. Excuses! This is the reason that you don’t have your own online business today!
Sure, feeling apprehensive about taking the plunge to start a new business may be justified. But coming up with excuses not to start is not justified; it will actually keep you from living the life you have always dreamed about.
Here are 6 excuses you should give up, to start your first online business.

” I don’t have enough time”

If you work where I work, by the time you struggle home, it’s late; just to take a bite of food, and catch some TV. I don’t have enough time to do all that” – the guy says.

Sure, you need to invest time to be successful in the online business. But what you require is a better use of your time. For example, as you commute daily, you listen to the radio for newspaper reviews, and you catch some “Aficamagic TV” after work! Instead, if you would listen to CDs in your car, and learn how to start an online business – you will be ahead before the year runs out – without any particular sense of stress or strain! 

 “There’s too much competition”

Offering a valuable service may have some competition. But this should not keep you from starting your own online business. I read a line that says everything is competitive: real estate is competitive, being a farmer is competitive, being a writer is competitive, even being in paid employment is competitive! So, waiting around for a business to be non-competitive is waiting for eternity.

Instead, the thing is to create the kind of experience that your audience seeks. By this, you will get more business and referrals. Another thing is, the online market actually has room for many winners – so, you and your competition can both be successful.

“Scared of techy stuff”!

 “You have to be techy to own an online business”
“The online business is for young people”!

Myths like these are being spread around, scaring people from the online space. This is why, for example, instead of customized business email addresses, many entrepreneurs and professional firms still use the traditional public email addresses like yahoo, Gmail, outlook, as their business email addresses. You are probably using the same…
On leaving corporate Nigeria, I built an online school, helping entrepreneurs to build service quality into the business services they offer. I mentioned this to a friend, as I was starting out. Surprised, he was not quite sure he heard me right: “did you say you now own an online school?”

See, the myths being spread around are not true. The truth is, basic techy skills are now easy to learn, and designs are now more user-friendly than ever. 

 “I hate sales”

Perhaps you’ve said these words to yourself, your friends, or family members when asked about what type of jobs you’re interested in:

“I’m not a salesperson”
 “I don’t like pushing people to do things they don’t want to do”
“I’d rather be on the creative side than on the sales side”

Don’t be so quick to judge! You don’t have to be an expert at sales to successfully sell online. Stories abound of people who were poor at sales but turned out to be successful online business owners. To be sure, many online sales techniques are readily available, to help you sell online.

“The economy is bad”

Another excuse I have often heard these days is that, with the way the Nigerian economy has changed, people are anxious about their future. “Why take a risk, starting an online business at this time”? Sure, the economy does have an effect on the Nigerian market, but things are different in the online market. It operates across national boundaries, so there is an infinite amount of customers and clients you can reach. The key to making sure your online business does well in the economy is to think more about quality, about identifying your ideal clients, their needs and pain points, and choosing a business idea that addresses those needs.

“I want everything to right first”

Lots of business opportunities are being lost as you wait for everything to be right before you start. The thing is, nothing will ever be perfect, no matter how much you try. So, you don’t have to wait for things to be perfect to start and become big; you can start now, and keep improving to become big.

Can you think of other excuses that you might be given? The thing is that you will have to give up some of these excuses in order to start your first online business. And I challenge you to do that! 

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Have a good one!


Mike Hunder