How to make money sharing your expertise online – without being techy!

As the online school pie gets bigger and bigger… experienced pros are making a kill!
To start the year strong, I will show you how to get a piece of it – and start making money by sharing your expertise online.

That’s why, as promised, my FREE Live Webinar, “Once upon a school- how to make money sharing your expertise online – without being techy”  is baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  – to help you out, so you can make a decent, secure, and predictable income as an online course creator in 2019…
 And just so you know, I am not referring to Ad revenue here…

The second of my three series – in this Webinar, I will show you:

  • The big mistake that most experienced pros make when starting out to create their first online course (this actually results in loss of revenue in the medium term…)
  • A foolproof recipe for building your own online school that matches your experience as a brand expert-without being techy!
  • That you already have the experience – all you need is to build your online school, share your experience, and be rewarded


Webinar:        “Once upon a school -how to make money sharing your expertise online – without being techy”! 

Date:               Monday, Jan 28th 2019

Time:              4.30 pm

Why am I doing this?

Today, there’s a growing pool of experienced pros who are too young to retire and too old to find another job, as companies look o hire younger professionals at lower pay!

Having been there myself, that’s how I came to be here!

At MH B-school, our one big mission is to help experienced professionals like you transform your skills and knowledge into income. So, we’ve got your back!  And you don’t  have to worry again about being “overqualified”, a code for “too old”!

That’s why we created this Free Webinar, so that you can share your expertise with the world, without worrying about any of the tech and logistics.

On top of all this, you will gain instant access an online seminar on how to use your time well for course creators, to give you all the help and step-by-step guide you need to build a successful online school business.

Can’t make it? Sign up anyway to get the recording!

Make 2019 your year,
Mike Hunder


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  1. I attended a Course being facilitated by Mr. Hunder. The less than 90 minutes course marked a new turn in my life. Upon leaving paid employment, I now make thrice what I use to make in a year with enough time for my family. One of his popular phase “take calculated risk as you will never get out of the world alive” has been one of my guiding principles.

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