Is the Online School Business right for me?

Sometimes you don’t know what’s possible until you see others doing what you want to do…

That’s why I shared some success stories last week, of experienced pros, who are turning their experiences into money: Serena Williams makes big money, teaching Tennis online. Shonda Rhimes an American TV producer currently teaches TV writing online, and makes good money. Tom Trainer, a chartered accountant with over 20 years experiences runs an online school, helping people to break into the accounting profession, and he is killing it! Gordon Ramsay, a British chef proved that you can start an online school on just about any subject and make a living. Specifically, he teaches Cooking online.

In other words, if they can do it, you can do it too.

I already shared a free starter pack, the 6-stage process on how you can actually start your first online school. 

Now that you know, I am opening enrolment for my signature online course soon:

 Your school online!
“Start Your profitable Online School business from scratch to launch in 100 days, without being a techy – for experienced professions, step by step”. 

From the free online school starter pack I shared, everything is laid out step by step, so you can literarily build your own online school just by following the steps:

Step 1: Find a profitable idea. Step 2: Build your target customers list. Step 3: Build your business website. Step 4: Build your online school. Step 5: Create your first online course; and Step 6: Launch your online school, and look amazing!

In case you still have some questions about how starting your own online school business can actually help you, here are the exact reasons why other experienced pros just like you joined:

I like to turn my professional skills and experience into a business.
“I am an experienced professional with a record of good performance in my in-house work environment. Now, I like to share my extensive business ideas and experience with learners online, build my profile as an expert in my filed in the larger society, and make a decent income, while making my mark in the world – as I have always dreamed about”

I’d like to turn my “life experience” into a business.
I have a health business idea based upon my personal experience, that I want to turn into an online course, and make a living”

I’d like to impact lives.
have had a successful career, but feel that I have so much more to contribute, to help others succeed as well. I want to reach out to a much larger audience, and impact lives – for greater productivity, success and happiness”

 I like to take my existing training business online.
“I am in the training business, but face difficulties in growing my reach beyond ‘in-classroom’ training.  I want to create a model where I can teach from a location online, while building a community of audience, so I don’t have to be limited by ‘in-classroom’ classes”

I like to turn my passion into money.
“I get frequently invited to make presentations at business and professional circles, but do these for free. I want to coach online and turn my passion into good money”

like to feel empowered going into the second phase of my life.
“I have seen this happen to friends, colleagues and family members – being laid off in their late 40s and early 50s, as companies look to hire younger talents at lower salary levels. I don’t want this to happen to me”

The online school is a cheap and more effective option to train my staff. 
“I own a small business. Seeing the demands of the emerging worker, I know that the online school is a cheap and more effective option to build a pool of credible workforce for my enterprise”

And so on, and so forth…

Now, if you are an experienced professional, and actually want to start your own online school, share your extensive business ideas and experiences with learners, impact lives and make a decent income, even within the comfort of your living room, while making your mark in the world – as you have always dreamed about; 
the enrollment for my signature course
Your school online!
“Start Your profitable Online School business from scratch to launch in 100 days, without being a techy!
…For experienced professions, step by step”.
Will open in a few days.