It’s the Xmas holidays

It’s Christmass

It’s the Xmas holidays. It is the season where we buy stuff; we spend times with friends, family members; and on socials.

Whichever, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to you!

Over the years when I send emails on Christmas day, I generally get some usual responses from my friends. Somehow, I thought this year would be different; but it was not to be. I generally get two kinds of replies:

“Thanks Mike, Happy Christmas and Merry New-Year in advance”!
“Mike, I can’t believe you are sending emails to me so early on Christmas day, did you not join at the booze for Christmas watch-night?”

Jokes aside, this year’s Christmas is special to me for two main reasons, (especially with the ongoing fuel scarcity, Lagos traffic jams associated with the fuel queues):

 #1: Personal performance review. Just as businesses review their annual performance, the yuletide provides an opportunity for me to stop, to think and reflect about myself – Look back at where I came from.  Appreciate where I am now. And look ahead to where I am going.

  • Looking back- you’ll see that you’ve triumphed over many hard times in your life; even if you’re going through one right now, you’ll know that this too shall pass! The best proof that something can be done, is the fact that you have earlier done it!
  • Appreciate where you are at the moment. Even if you think things could be better, at least you can say, “I’m still on my feet… and I still have the chance to operate at my potential”
  • Thinking about where you want to be, you’ll know that you still have work to do.


You can try it for yourself, or bring it up in a dinner discussion today.
#2:  productivity-improvement community
This year, our community of professionals and entrepreneurs are spending some of their holidays on productivity workbooks, to improve themselves (and their businesses), to stay productive in 2018 deliberately. And I really love it.

That said…
If you celebrate Xmas, I hope you’re spending time with your family and friends, and safely.
If you don’t celebrate today, not to worry. You can have a good time with the themes in – how to double your productivity workbook.


Merry Xmas…

Yours in building productive habits

And regards