Lessons From Dr. Uche Olowu’s Investiture as CIBN President

It’s been said, “you are where you are and what you are because of YOU. Nothing else”.  Sometimes, a great height might be achieved by a lucky jump, but unless you improve yourself up to where it is, it would soon come back to where you are!

Maintaining that nothing isolates a manager like being cocooned in the office, Dr. Uche Olowu (a corporate banker) –had been passionate about having more than one skill, and continuous self improvement – alongside his primary corporate responsibilities. That’s why in spite of the tight schedule of corporate banking in a fast-pace environment, he rose to become Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) local branch in Port Harcourt. At the National level, he became the National Treasurer, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President. At the same time, he enrolled for and obtained a masters degree in business administration, and the coveted doctor of philosophy degree (Ph.D.) in Management.  

Me, at the Federal Palace Hotel Victoria Island Lagos, cerebrating with Dr. Uche Olowu at his investiture as the 20th Cgartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria’s Preseident
So, participants at the investiture of Dr. Uche Olowu as the 20th President of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) last Saturday  (May 19th 2018) at the Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos, insisted that continuous self-improvement is their cup of tea!   Bottom-line – if you really want to be a top achiever –then you have a responsibility to work on YOU deliberately.  


This is THE YEAR TO GO ALL IN on your self-improvement, and I’ve got some interesting ideas.

    Spend at least an hour a day, investing in your own mind, investing in yourself, and in your dreams – to refine your mind, your reflexes, your ideas, your emotions, your attitude, your personality, etc. 


    Learn from the experts, read their books, attend their seminars, listen to audio/ video programmes, take online courses. The knowledge in every single field today is doubling every 5 years. To stay even, your knowledge has to double every 5years. If you are not continuously upgrading yourself, then you are falling behind 


    Learn more than one skill. One skill is ok; but if you want economic safety for your future – you’ve got to learn more than one skill. Now, this guy has only one skill, he works for the company for a long time, then the div he works for got chopped and  he loses his job. Now he tells us that he is in economic distress. Why would that be? Because he only had one skill


    We demand this of our children. How many years do you want your child to spend in SS3 approx? About 1 year right? If someone says to you,       they are nice kids, would you give them 3 or 4 years?”
    Surely, you will say “No, this is not a nice game, this is getting ready for the future; this is getting ready for the challenges and the opportunities; you can’t linger in one grade for more than 1 year”. 

    So the same should go for us as adults! Don’t linger for more than 1 year in one grade of learning – as a professional, a manager, an entrepreneur, leadership of all kinds – Keep up the pace of continuous improvement

So, if you are worried that you are behind on your promises, now you can do something about it!

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