Building the life you’ve always wanted

Although, “get a good education and a good job”, is like the Holy Grail for aspiring successful professionals, it has an unpromising history.

Part of the problem is that, between the good jobs and the life you really want, might be a misalignment. I am reminded of a line in Open Heavens, which said, “those who do not stay in their calling, will end up in frustration”. Many get the good education and lucrative jobs, not out of passion or love for the career, but for money. Along the way, they begin to feel like something is missing; and become frustrated.

As an illustration, a recent research indicate increasing number of stress-related heart attacks were traceable to people who do not enjoy the jobs they currently do. That is why; the biggest and most exciting adventure we can take in life is to know our why, and then proceed to build the life we have always wanted.

Here are 6 steps we can take, to help crack the life you’ve always wanted.

Know your why, the life you’ve always wanted

The first step in building the life of your dream is to know your why. This is because the things we currently do are a reflection of our current life. Knowing your why, will help you adjust the contours of the things you currently do, in order to build the life you really want.

So now, what gets you turned on? What gets you up early in the morning? What gets you eager to face the day? These are pointers to your why for living. If you allow this slide, the tendency is, you will end up someone else!

Mentally create the tasks and attitudes that reflect the life you’ve always wanted

Secondly, mentally create the new identity you want to become. Then, make a list of thoughts, words, attitudes and behaviours that represent the new lifestyle. Then again, you can create tiny tasks from the new lifestyle that you can do. By this, it becomes easy enough, so you cannot say no!

Create a reminder system to carry out the new tasks

Afterwards, create a system to remind you every day to carry out the new tasks you have created. You can pick a good reminder from a list of things you do every day without fail.

Carry out the new tasks as a daily routine

As can be seen, with the help of your reminder system, you can now carry out these tiny tasks, every day, and consistently.

Build commitment with accountability partners

To stay committed to the tasks, it is advisable you tell someone about your mission. This may be your wife, a mentor, or a friend. It could even be the social media. You can tweet it, post it on facebook, or join a group.  This will help make you accountable, and stay committed towards building the life you have always dreamt about. 

Reward yourself for small wins

Then again, reward yourself each time you achieve a small win, or every week you stayed committed to practices in your new lifestyle. This could be a positive self-talk, a slice of apple, or even crackers, among others. This will make you feel good, and the circle continues. In due time, the lifestyle you’ve always wanted will be born!

Finally, in case you are still struggling to build the life you’ve always wanted at the moment, you are not alone. In the light of the foregoing, now you know what steps to take, and what to do. As I have noted, the key is to start small.

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