6 big mistakes new coaches make… Are you making them?

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but many new online coaches struggle with scaling. They create their online courses, start to make money, then their growth goes into a dive towards the ground, owing to certain common mistakes. That’s why, many coaches in Nigeria still struggle, trying to make that leap into a successful online coaching business. In this article, I will share with you 6 big mistakes new online Coaches make that are holding them back from reaching this goal. If you are a new online Coach in Nigeria, you are probably making one or all of these mistakes.

#1. Not having a plan

Many new online Coaches confuse a “good idea” with a “profitable idea”. They think that all you need is a good idea, to become a successful Coach online.  Not quite.  You need a plan to validate your “good idea”, so it does not only resonate with you, but catches the attention of your audience as well, and that it’s profitable.  By this, you don’t invest time and resources to create a new online course, only to find that nobody will buy from you. 

 #2. Not having a business website

“You don’t need a website to coach online”, I have heard people say. Unfortunately, many new online Coaches believe this. Thus, in place of customized business email addresses, they use yahoo, Gmail, outlook – as business email addresses. Big mistake!  Here’s another thing. Not having a website means your audience is not yours; they belong to those public sites! Having your own business website means, your business and unique selling points are established online, and you have control over your learners’ experiences. 

#3. Focusing too much on the little stuff

All those details you’re focusing on – they are wasting your valuable time! Oh, I know this fly in the face of everything you were told, “Pay attention to details”. The thing is, running a thriving online business requires that you adapt and move quickly. This means putting together several productions, to create a real impact for your learners. If you were to focus on the details of all these, you will be distracted, while others are getting ahead. Focus on big-picture tasks, instead. 

 #4. Undervaluing your course

As a new online business, you certainly want to sign on your first set of clients. In the rush to establish yourself online; you may end up undercharging for your course. Big mistake! The problem is, undercharging can actually make it impossible for your new online business to survive.

So, before setting the price for your course, first, consider the costs of labour and all other resources. Then set the price at what it needs to be for your business to make a worthwhile profit. 

#5. Giving away too much while getting very little in return

New Coaches often offer something free to build their audience online. The problem is that they are often not building the right list! So they end up a list of thousands of entrants, but with only very few having interests in the online course they are selling! The thing is if you want to use giveaways to build your list, put on your thinking cap early in the process. This means thinking much more about something intangible but useful to your ideal clients (in the mode of your online course). Like free eBook, webinar, recipe, checklist, guide, among others. 

#6. Ignoring customer service.

If a customer were to walk up to you offline and complain, I guess you’d respond. However, with so many transactions happening online, it’s easy to ignore audience feedbacks on your websites. If the customer decides to take this service failure to social media, it will be awful for your business! Here’s the deal. If a customer makes the effort to contact you via your website, do make the effort to respond as well.

If you would avoid these 6 mistakes, it will enhance your shot at success as a new online Coach.     For additional resources, get “THE EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL ONLINE COACHING CHECKLIST”  right here