EPOC Course:
From Experienced professional to profitable Online Coaching Business

The ultimate blueprint for experienced professionals; to build your thriving online coaching business, from scratch to launch in 100 days flat
– without being techy!

Who is EPOC for?

EPOC: from Experienced Professional to a profitable Online Coaching business is an online coaching programme designed to help experienced professionals break into the profitable online coaching business, step by step. If you have a level of expertise in your field and have a passion to help others achieve their goals, or you have an existing training business and want to grow your reach beyond in-classroom training
– then EPOC is a great way for you

Online course -Who is this for

A Complete Guide

Your Profitable Coaching Course Topic

We take you through a repeatable foolproof process – the “Pain, Pleasure, Profit” framework – so your topic does not only catch the attention of your clients, but also resonates with you, and it’s profitable. There is nothing like this out there!

Growing Your
Ideal Clients List

This is not one of those programmes where students are left to say: “how do I grow  my audience list?” That’s why we will show you a step by step audience engagement plan so you develop the capability to find and grow your audience…

Creating your Online Coaching Course

Will show you how to turn a “profitable online coaching idea” into your first online coaching course in a matter of weeks  – how to arrange your course outline in a logical sequence, so it provides actionable solutions to your ideal clients problems

designing your online coaching school

You will see the step by step systems to help you build an interactive online platform, that delivers excellent learning experience – so your students can easily attend your coaching programme, and it’s protected. We will bring all that for you!

establishing Your business experience online

We will show you the methods and tools to use,  so can you share your  ideas & skills with learners online. We will help you match your online school with your existing web presence, so you can grow your brand, and attract more loyal students

EPOC built! sharing your expertise & being rewarded

You don’t have to be a good marketer to successfully launch your coaching programme – because you’ll get the ultimate blueprint for a profitable online coaching business launch, step by step.  So drive enrollments, and start making money!

Designed for experienced professionals

Most other courses are coached by people though tech-savvy, on average do not have the business experience and depth of perspective to fully appreciate the pain-points of senior and experienced professionals, and to actually help you leverage your expertise. That’s why EPOC is  one of a kind –  you don’t merely get content or knowledge, you get firsthand experienced from  a business executive turned online business coach you won’t find elsewhere! 

Learn from the very best

A service quality executive turned online business Coach; Mike repeatedly launched online service quality programmes in corporate Nigeria – “VOC” at union bank, “Cobex” at Skye bank, “CChamp” at Oceanic (now Ecobank), among others – with widespread acceptance and success.
No coincidence that on leaving corporate Nigeria, he is running his own online coaching business, helping entrepreneurs and executives to build quality practices and procedures into the business services they offer. A great way to make a living, he gets to meet people from all over the world and it’s very rewarding.
Now with EPOC, he is  helping other experienced professionals to do the same – to launch your own online coaching business, in your field of expertise for greater productivity and success:

  • even if you are not a techy…
  • even if you have no idea of a course to create at the moment…
  • even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare…
  • even if don’t have a coaching topic right now…
  • even if people are saying you are old…

It's Everything You need to launch your
thriving online coaching business

  • Create your online course content, complete with your course modules and lessons
  • Build your business website, complete with landing, sales and contact pages
  • Create your own online school platform; differentiate yourself and control your audience learning experiences
  • Launch your course and monetize your expertise with email marketing system, graphics, and social media tools
  • Boost your brand awareness; and make your mark in the world, as you have always desired!
  • Grow your passive income; launch same course over and again; sell to more and more students around the world
  • Plus keep the skills forever - build other businesses over and again– without having to pay any recurring fees!

This is the only programme at the moment that covers everything you need as an experienced professional.
Most other programmes do not cover beyond helping you to create an online course . 


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