How to start your own online school, in 6 steps

As coronavirus continues to force schools to close their doors, people are turning online to help them cope with life under lockdown. And GlobalWebIndex report for April 2020, says, the number of online users around the world increased by more than 7%, over April 2019 figures – to reach 4.57 billion!

As students and employees remain stuck at home, schools are looking at how to get their students to learn from home, from an online teacher; and businesses, how to get employees to work online from home. There’s no better time to be part of the online school and coaching business, right now.

Have you been looking at how to start your online school, but you’re not sure what steps you should take, or if it’s even profitable? You see others doing it and think, “yes, but is it going to work for me?”

Here are 6 steps you can take to start your own online school…

#1. The technological tools you will need

One cool thing about starting an online school is that the startup cost is quite low. And a lot of the technology items you’ll need, you probably already have. Here are a few basic things you’ll need to help you get started: a website, a laptop, a stable broadband service, a webcam, and lesson documents. If you want to get some basic information about an online school business, you can visit

 #2. Identify the skills you want to teach

Then, identify the core skills you want to teach online. Look out the knowledge and experience you have, that most other people may not have. This is important, because it is the reason students will come to enrol in your school.  For example, you may want to teach a standalone course (business model) like fitness or wellness, quality assurance, marketing, internal control, real estate, etc. Or you may have people teach various subjects (Academy model), like in a regular primary or secondary school.  

So ask yourself:  “what level of qualification and experience do I have, and what level of knowledge and experience do I want to impact on my students?

#3. Create your lessons

Next, create your lesson plans. By this, structure your lessons into milestones, such that each milestone marks a bigger achievement towards the results for your students. Then, create the lesson content. So, drawing from your existing knowledge, create the lesson content. Also determine the additional resources your students would need to get results – like workbook, lesson format, as in slideshow, video, or text, among others.  The idea is to make your online course irresistible, and to create real impact for your students.

#4. Setup your online school teaching platform

Then, setup your online teaching platform, to provide you with an interactive platform that is professional, social, and engaging – as well as the protection and controls you need to run a sustainable online school business.

Many public firms and third party software firms like facebook, whatsapp, youtube, yahoo, google, teachable among others, do offer their platforms for online teaching. The snag is that their rules and restrictions or changes thereof, may adversely affect your online school activities. So, my best advice is to own your entire online school. So, your students can take lessons without restrictions – anywhere and anytime, within and outside the country, at home, on the road, or at office break-times; and you’ll see that the school and the students are yours, not that of some third party! 

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#5. Find your students online

Now that everything’s set up, it’s time to spread the word online to drive students to your online school. You can use lead generation strategies to get a good sense of your ideal students, to help you find them, and how they can find your school.

To help you get started on this, use tools like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, LinkedIn, among others, to place your contents where your ideal students will actually see them and engage with them. And you can grow your ideal students, from people who are excited and prepped to join your school.

#6. Launch your online school

Finally, launch your online school to the world, and for your ideal students to see that enrolment into your online school has opened.  You can use the 3-phased model – the prelaunch, the launch, and the post-launch phases, to do the launch. During the prelaunch phase, you’ll implement strategies to help you reach your list-building goal before you launch. During the launch phase, you’ll announce the opening of your online school; and promote it to drive students to enroll and join your school. The post-launch phase relates to what happens after your launch and after you close your cart! That’s how you drive students to your online school, then impact their lives and be rewarded! And that’s how your online school ultimately, thrives!

Lastly…  I hope you have a much clearer idea of how to start an online school, by now. If you have the skill to teach, or some expertise to share, an online school is one of the most profitable businesses you can start at the moment. But now I like to hear from you: what’s brought you to read this piece on the online school?
Let me know in the comments…