How your online school course can pay for itself

I was discussing with a friend of mine yesterday – about online pricing and customer strategies…

Now, answer this question FAST:

“What’s the worth of a customer to you?”

And if you’re not selling anything yet, “what COULD a customer be worth to you?”


Let’s say you’re like one of my clients, who is arranging a training programme for pre-retirement staffs of a Federal government agency. And a customer is worth #105,000. If she enrolled in a course like YosBuilt, she would need to learn how to get just two customers, and the course can pay for itself…

…and that’s exactly what I mean

But what if she attracted more than two customers? What if she did a product launch and attracted 10 customers?

Can an online course like YosBuilt more than pay for itself?

“The online course has been an epic ride for me. I had no idea how to build an online business when I left corporate Nigeria… Now I have got my first 2 clients already. And now the  days of cold calls looking for part time engagements and  training contracts is actually over” – Felix, an online course coach

The cool part?

This is a unique window of opportunity for experienced professionals – all  they need is to share their experience and knowledge with learners online, after going through programmes like YosBuilt   – and they are absolutely killing it

So here’s what I can promise you:

When you enroll in YosBuilt today… it is a complete guide, and you will see the step by step systems; your course idea and your online school website; the tools and tactics; the workbooks and the marketing strategies to grow your customers – you name it – we will bring all that to you. So your profitable online school business is built in 100 days, step by step. It is the only programme at the moment that covers everything you need as an experienced professional.

All we want from you is to show up, and do the work – you will get the results!

Try YosBuilt

I know this is a tough decision, but with a promise like this coming from a former corporate executive turned an online school coach – I believe it makes it a complete no brainer for you. Especially if you plan on taking this seriously, and actually doing the work.

Just know this…

Enrollment is now OPEN, but only limited slots are available.

So, here’s what I want to do:

Take a few minutes and go through this page right here where I show you everything YosBuilt has to offer you, and then:

Join YosBuilt (before enrollment closes).

Like I asked: What’s a customer worth? How many customers would you need to have this programme pay for itself? And do you think you can pull it off over the course of 100 days?

The answer is probably yes, right? Then today is the day.

Still got questions? I highly suggest you make time to watch my FREE masterclass:  The 6-stage process to start a profitable online school business

All my regadrs

Mike Hunder