Complete your personal inventory of 2018

Can you believe it?

It’s already a few days to end 2018!

How time flies!

At the beginning of the year, we all made resolution of what to achieve in 2018. With only a few days to go, it’s time for a personal inventory check…

You’re here because you want to learn online – or to start an online business. So, how are you doing?

What’s doing well? What’s not doing well?

Now, I know just asking you this, especially if it feels like you are falling behind on your dreams, won’t feel good… You might even be thinking:

“Why do I need to do that? What do you know about my year”?

Well, what if I told you that you can start 2019 off right, with understanding where you are. So you know where you are going…

Well, here’s what I did.

At MH B-School, we created 4 products – a transformational product – Your Online School Built in 100 days – for experienced professionals; and three mini courses –The 6-stage process on how to become an online school owner;  a Work plan on how to setup your own quality assurance programme; and Feel empowered going into the second chapter of your life, the smart way.

And I didn’t even have to sacrifice my personal life and my passion for public speaking.

Once Upon a School! Get the 6-stage process to become an online school owner…

Here’s what else I did this year:  I made high level presentations at several master classes with a cross session of managers in corporate Nigeria, including

  1. I spoke at a small mastermind event on productive habits with a cross session of the management team of a recognized bank brand in Nigeria at the Native Kitchen, in Victoria Island, Lagos. And I got asked a very interesting question, time and again “how do I know my purpose, and to build my true productive habits to fulfill my purpose?” In an informal setting framework, we actually masterminded and got to know each other.
  2. I will never forget the session with the executives and managers of a foremost Insurance company in Nigeria, at a corporate weekend in Victoria Island Lagos. Truly and engaging experience… for all those present
  3. Another big one. I also spoke at a Strategy retreat for management and executives of a leading travelling service company, on the Dynamics of Leadership, at Lacampine Tropicana, Lekki Free Trade Zone. I still remember the effective participation of managers at the breakout session. In one entry, a group compared ME (facilitator) to one of their managers, with widespread agreement from others! It was wow!
  4. Plus, powerful papers and speeches at ‘Morning Due’ for my Church community, among others:

Why am I sharing this?

Because, this year I focused on my online business school. I mean, I created 4 new online courses. ..

…yet I still had a lot of fun, offline.

And I’d like to take you behind the scenes to show you how I did it  – I’ll reveal everything – how I turned my experience into an online school business, including:


    1. How to find a profitable idea
    2. How to discover your target audience
    3. How to build your online presence – your business website, your online school platform and your first online course
    4. And how to launch your online school business, and drive traffic to your course


And much more.

But for now, I’m curious: how are you doing?

You can send me a note, or reply to this email.

All My Regards

Mike Hunder

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