Your Service Delivery Model "SDM“ - DONE!

To help build quality practices and procedures into the business services you offer, in 90 days flat!
- without a pack of expensive consultants.

Who is SDM for?

• Entrepreneurs
• Business executives
• Service quality professionals

The SDM Course is an online coaching programme, to work with you step-by-step to set up an effective service delivery model for your business – building quality practices and procedures into the business services you offer... in 90 days flat!
- without a pack of expensive consultants!

A Complete Guide

meaningful service charter & standards

This sets the tone for all staff to follow, as well as guide customers business decisions

Employees well
engaged & motivated

Recognize service achievers 


Complaints are assets. Setup a complaints mgt system to handle complaints in a professional manner

Continuous process improvements

“Best” is only a moment in time! Design improvement events for continuous  processes improvement, deliberately

employees responsive to customers' requirements

What gets measured gets done!
Staff well responsive to customer service, as you measure and manage from service measurement dashboard

Your sdm done!
more customers & revenue

Look amazing – your service delivery operating model is up & running! Customers love it and your staff are proud of it… customers keep returning over and again

Online Business Coach

Learn from the very best

A service quality executive turned an online service quality coach; Mike was process director at Skye bank; general manger, change mgt /customer care at Oceanic bank (now Ecobank); deputy general manger quality assurance & enterprise process improvement at union bank, among others....
Mike has designed and launched several service quality programmes, with widespread success. So, you get

• Firsthand experience that you won’t find elsewhere
• Proven tools & practical steps you can immediately apply to see results
• Your business into momentum - no more guesswork

After The Course

  • Your service delivery system is easy to do business with, through significant reduction in service bottlenecks
  • Significant improvements in service recovery through complaints that are handled in a pre-planned and professional manner
  • Engaged employees, as everyone sees the service charter clearly
  • Customers love your service, and staff are proud of it!
  • Boost revenue through more business, leveraging improved delivery & recovery systems, and the service dashboard

It's Everything You Want

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