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Have you ever asked yourselves why some people are more successful than others? Have you ever wondered for instance, why some people are smarter, have more drive, achieve high performance delivery, get more rapidly promoted, have happier relationships thank others? Some even 10 times more than others! Are they 10 times better, 10 times more educated, 10 times more experienced than others?

The answer is No. Performance research has since confirmed that it is not possible to have a disparity of 10:1 between human beings

So, what is the reason for this great disparity in productivity levels and achievement?

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One reason for this is that given the way society has changed – we are daily bombarded with distractions – at work, from social life, friends, from DSTV, sports entertainment ,the  internet,  and the inevitable Facebook…

If there is ever a time for us to stop, to think and to reflect on how we use our time, so that I am not spending time on irrelevant pursuits, and being overwhelmed, in order to live our dreams for 2019 – that time is now. 

I was LIVE on Webinar last Thursday Jan 17th…

And a lot of you were still at work…

Just so you know, I have got your back… that’s exactly why I included the Webinar replay here today, to help out on – How to use your time well, as you launch your own online school this 2019, and be FREE  …

So that you are not spending your time on irrelevant pursuits and being overwhelmed!

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Because if you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will become a sacrifice! So Don’t Miss Out – Watch the replay, and see what I mean!

HINT: When you are done, you will never remain the same after today, only by choice!

Come see what I mean!

I guess you are done!
Now, did you pick a point or two from the video presentation that you want to adopt?

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Make 2019 Your Year

Mike Hunder

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