Whose Fault Is It, When Workers Are Not Responsive To Service?

I have heard stories of telecommunication firms short-changing their customers, but I have never experienced it; I use the Airtell talk-more account, and save credits in my main account; I have very good WIFI at home and office, so I don’t make use of data bundles. All is well.

Except that all is not well from last week… I decided to try out Airtel’s daily bundle for a few hours, in case I  needed it: I selected the N100 for a few hours, then tapped out mobile data – and returned to my dedicated WIFI line. A few days later, my talk-more was due for recharge, I checked into my main account to deal. Behold – it was zero balance – the rest of the #2k I saved there was gone!

I called their help line on Monday May 14th, the service rep said, “Is it my fault that Airtel took your money?!” After much talk, she agreed to check with her supervisor and call back. She never did. I called again on Thursday May 17th, this time the service rep said, “Let me not lie to you – you can’t get a refund!“  I waited for about 2 hrs and called again at about 10.30am, this time a more matured voice answered. She said “I can see that you did not use the line for some days, I will refund you with N2000 only!” It was an awful service failure encounter with Airtel. Someone advised that I escalate this to NCC…More about this later

If you are thinking about building your business with customer-focused solutions – I’ve got a good question for you:

Does any of the following sound familiar? 

  • “You are experiencing business growth; so you want to ensure reliable customer service to all your customers; but you don’t know how to start”

  • “You want to set up a customer-focused solution for your buisness; but the pack of expensive “experts” is holding you back, and time is going!”

  • “You are working hard to get your staff to be more responsive to service; but nothing is working ….now you are feeling defeated and discouraged.”

If you said “Yes,” to any of the above, block out 15 minutes to read my FREE ebook. 

 Because it is not your fault. Much of the ideas that “experts” share about service quality is at best flawed, and at worst actually wrong. And the “expert” says,
“the business owner should set the service charter from the top,  and passed it down to staff with a stern memo, for all to follow!” That couldn’t be MORE WRONG.

You see, there are two kinds of “these experts”:  

  • Those who draw their ideas from books and research reports with no hands-on experience;
  • And those who think that good customer service can be legislated into the workplace!

These won’t work in TODAY’s marketplace. Rather they would generate worker resentment and cynicism.

That’s why the game is to blame the customer, before he blames you!  That’s why you are seeing recurring service failures and costly errors on the job.  That’s why poor customer service is killing many businesses in Nigeria today. That’s why poor customer service is threatening the LONG-TERM SURVIVAL of many more businesses.

The smart approach is to allow your staff to brainstorm their own ideas, and own the service charter. Your role is to help them implement.

With many questions like this being sent to us, that’s why I wrote this eBook, to share the exact strategies I used: the content of the programmes that customers love, how we structured the elements to create service quality assurance solutions, the launch methods, and the tools that we used to set them up. And that’s why you are here

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