Consultation & Workshops

Consultations & Workhops

In addition to our online classrooms, we offer offline training programmes for Individuals and organizations seeking to build productive habits, performance & productivity improvements skills, and quality practices and procedures into the business services they offer

Public Speaking

Mike is also passionate about public speaking, “pulling back the curtain”, as it were, to reveal some of the most effective strategies he has ever used.
A sought-after-speaker, Mike regularly presents for an expansive number of audiences – including ICAN, Chevron, First Bank, Fidelity Bank, FAAN, Nigerian Breweries, Wema bank, among others.

Work With Mike

Mike’s is the story of a young banker who after 7 years as a banking officer worked his way from a banking officer to a bank executive in the second 7 years!  What happened? A few productive habits he learnt from two extraordinary men – his mentors – turned his career and life around.
Having studied and practiced productive habits with amazing results, he is now taking the message upfront to the general public …. revealing some of the most effective strategies he has ever used.
Read about Mike’s professional background on his LikedIn profile.

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