If you were to describe the year 2019 in one word…

Can you describe 2019 in one word?
Go ahead, take a minute and think about it…

What do you think? Did the word sum up your priorities for this year? Or did it feel like you might have drifted during the year?

I believe we can all relate to this:

While in corporate Nigeria, I do a review of the year at the end of every year. Then I prepare a business plan for the next year.  Now on a personal level, I look at what has worked, and didn’t work during the year. And decide what the previous year was about in one word.

For example, 2019 has been a year of passion for me. Passionate about living life as a teacher, about helping other experienced professionals break into the online coaching market, so share their expertise online. In many respects, 2019 is the year that propelled me to the forefront of online coaching issues relating to experienced professionals, setting me up to become a frequent contributor to nationally published articles on the online coaching business in leading publications, The Guardian, BellaNaija. And a sought-after speaker for an expansive number of organizations – including ICAN, Chevron, First Bank, Wema Bank, FAAN, among others. And a Fellowship from the Professional Speakers Society of Nigeria(PSSN).

This has revolutionized the way that I live my life. I get to impact lives and meet more and more people from around the world, as I have always dreamed about.

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So, if you were to describe 2019, what would be the one word you would use? Is that the word you would have wanted at the beginning of the year? 
And, as we look towards the new-year, what should 2020 be about? How might that look for you or me?

Hope you find this piece helpful… to help you to focus on your priorities, as you have always wanted…

May year 2020 be your best year ever!

All my regards