3 psychological tactics to get past your fears

If you are having a buildup of anxieties – especially on Sunday afternoons, like now – about going to work on Monday morning, and you are probably blaming your boss for this?

Smell the cup of tea… Pally, it’s not on him… it’s on YOU!

 A recent research says, the rate of heart attacks goes up by 21% between 6 am and 9 am on Monday mornings. Why? Because many people are facing stress and burnout at work; people go to jobs that they hate; it’s like people are literarily ‘dying’ to go to work!

 Then the guy says, “Thank God, it’s Friday”…. And the circle continues!

 Do you want to spend the second chapter of your life accomplishing your dreams, or do you want to spend a whole life time accomplishing the dreams of others?  Remember the Bible phrase, “where there is no vision and dreams, the people perish”

It doesn’t have to be so for you, year on year anymore … you can walk a different path: 

  • First, become a believer – believe in yourself – because the recognition of self worth is the beginning of progress. Replace fear with faith –‘Fear is false evidence appearing real; Faith is finding answers in the heart’. Remember the ancient phrase, “faith comes by hearing, and hearing and hearing” So, say to yourself: am one of the best in my field, my work is one of the best in the market, I can differentiate yourself from the competition, etc. .
  • Second, adopt the YES Attitude. Whenever you have an opportunity, and you’re fearful, start speaking to yourself in a confident way: use the magic words discovered in psychology, “I can do it”. I can do it, I can do it. As you say this, your courage and confidence will go up, and your fears will go down.
  • Then, go to work – many experienced professionals have done this by simply turning their skills and experience into their business – with amazing results!

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So every experienced professional deserves to be free, to accomplish their dreams in the second chapter of their lives – to impact lives, have more time for their families, and not having to worry about money again! Including you…

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  1. Yunus Rufai Mahmoud

    This is indeed motivational and helpful especially in my practice as a legal practitioner. As an advocate one is in constant struggle of trying to serve clients effectively.

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