How to use your time well in 2019

You want to build your own online school in 2019, right?

My piece on Monday Jan 7 “To make 2019 your best year yet, the time to start is now””, generated several interesting feedbacks. See these two:

  • “I don’t know where all my time has gone”!
  • “I am busy… I still have a full time job right now… plus many things are going on in my family and in my life – how do I create time to achieve my dream project- to start my own online school business?”


With the way society has changed – professionals are bombarded daily with many distractions –  at work, in social life, from friends, dstv, sports entertainment, the internet, instagram,  and the inevitable Facebook – Causing their life to zig when they want it to zag!

If there is ever a time for us to stop, to think and to reflect on how we use our time, so that we actually achieve our major projects in 2019 – that time is now

To help you out, we are creating a Live demo to show you how to use your time well, so can actually build your own online school in a couple of weeks – so not having to spend time on irrelevant pursuits, and being overwhelmed!


When to join this Webinar?
I will send you the link later today – and you’ll see what I mean!

Plus – If you have NOT already downloaded this – access my FREE Masterclass on the 6 stage process to start an online school, right now 


Make 2019 Your Year,
Mike Hunder

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